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Conference: The List of Items in Mental Health (LISMEN)

LISMEN: An instrument of exploration and detection of the risk of alterations of the bonds in childhood and adolescence.

Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia (COPC). March 25th, 2015.

More information:

LISMEN: How to pass the questionnaire

LISMEN: You can see, in a summarized way, one way to pass the LISMEN questionnaire, but it is not only one.

It is a role-playing on a modified real case. It is about a mother of an adolescent with mental health problems who answers the questions of an interviewer.


Where is used

The use of the LISMEN and access to the website is free and there is no control over the use of the instrument. It has been possible to use it successfully in other centres and services. The data that appear in this section have been provided by the participating professionals. We encourage other professionals to spread the use of LISMEN in order to share its use and improve the questionnaire.